Worry about Making Great Beer, Not about Your Website

Simple Digital Marketing for Breweries, Pubs, and Taprooms

A great website is the easiest way to drive new customers to your brewery or taproom!

My Pub Marketing

Exclusive Features

We use the latest technologies and tools to make a laser focused, simple brewery site experience for both administrators and visitors

Content Management

Your brewery or taproom needs a new website. You need to be able to quickly get up and running with the standard modules: location and hours, menus, events, and more. But you know nothing about setting up a website. That's where the My Pub Marketing platform comes in. Have a site up and running in minutes after filling out simple, easy to understand forms.

World Class Hosting

We host your sites in Microsoft Azure in a region that's local to you. We leverage the latest and greatest technologies for high performing, responsive, and modern web applications. But you don't need to know all of that - you just need to know that the site is up and ready for your customers to find.

Customization Services

We hope the My Pub Marketing platform works for most folks, but maybe you have that killer idea for your site that you just have to have built. Our platform allows you to commission unique modules to be built to help you stand out. Our engineers will work with you to make your site yours!

Make Your Site Your Own

Customize just about anything in My Pub Marketing to highlight your unique brand and experience.

  • No HTML or CSS Required - but if you're a guru, you can style to your heart's content

  • Pre-Integrated to Untappd or BeerMenus

  • Include Maps to your Business, Instagram Photos, and Facebook Events

  • Integrate with Google Analytics

Digital Marketing Made Simple

Easy to understand screens to customize colors, logos, copy, and features

  • Simple editor screens

  • Changes are instant

  • Included Help Documentation

  • Secure by default - only you can make changes

How It Works

When you're a small brewery or taproom, it's critical that you spend your marketing resources communicating with your customers. Wrestling with multiple tools and channels is not what you do. Let us manage the hosting, tools, and software while you focus on your message and getting your brand out.

Create Account

Select a pricing plan and create an account. Within 24-48 hours you'll have a fully provisioned and internet accessable site where you can start to make changes.

Customize Your Site

This is where the magic happens. Take as long as you like to get the pictures, copy, and layout just perfect. And when you're ready, submit a ticket to go live.

Go Live

Once you're ready to go live, we'll work with you get a new domain or your existing one moved over and you're done. Sit back and enjoy one of your beverages!

Frequently Asked

We use the latest technology to make keeping in touch with your customers streamlined and easy. And we're with you every step of the way!

Ask Anything

Why not use Squarespace, Wix, or other general platform?

My Pub Marketing is made specifically for breweries, pubs, and taprooms - the most common capabilities are built in (Maps, Menus, Social). Additionally, we'll work with you to build custom widgets to support your business. You'll talk to actual human beings - we're a small business just like you!
My Pub Marketing has two levels of service: Standard and Premium. In the standard plan, your hosting is shared amongst other customers and everybody gets the same version of the platform. In the premium plan, you can have your own dedicated host and fork of the platform. See Pricing for a more detailed comparison.
You don't have to know any HTML or CSS to use My Pub Marketing. However, if you do then you have a much greater ability to customize and style your site. The CSS design guidelines are included as part of the integrated help system.
My Pub Marketing is hosted on Microsoft Azure which is one of the most secure public clouds on the planet. Additionally, we use SSL to protect your site and all of your site data is encrypted in our database.